Duka Diet Plan – Week 8

Dukan Diet Plan – Progress Week 8

This week, on 22nd. November,¬† I weighed 94kg. That’s 0.5 (1lb) less than last week

Just to remind you of my Dukan Diet goals:

I started at 108 kg back at the end of September. The Dukan diet calculator sets my ideal weight at 82.5 kg. Having researched my ideal weight according to my BMI, I discovered that I really need to be around 78kg. So my goal is to get below 80kg, just a couple of kilos or so less than the Dukan Diet Calculator advised.

Dukan Diet – Overview for the week.

I am a little disappointed by the small amount of weight lost this week. I had a resonable amount of exercise during the week.

Anidri chapel - dukan diet walk Especially on Saturday when the family and I decided to walk up to a mountain top chapel in a nearby village. Although not a really long walk, it was uphill all the way (and downhill all the way back of course). It was a PP day and I discovered that the Dukan Diet is perfect for simple picnics. Some boiled eggs, a couple of slices of low fat ham and a low fat fruit yoghurt were just right sitting at the top of the hill, with our backs against the side of the chapel, enjoying the sunshine and the view.

dukan diet walk anidri chapel

View from the chapel to the beach below

On Sunday, we had arranged to meet a friend for lunch. Someone who we hadn’t seen for a couple of years. We met at a cafe which serves nice food. He had pre-ordered some dishes for the table so we had no say in what came. Fortunately for me there was one salad which was not pre-dressed and contained no cheese which I could pick at. I did have a glass of white wine, though.

So, having been relatively good with the Dukan diet this week, let me spell out my transgressions. I did have a glass of wine on more than one occasion. No more than one, but it happened on most PV days. I did not get the required amount of walking in, even though I did more than the previous week. I was using 2% fat yoghurt all week rather than 0%. This is due to the fact that sometimes 0% has sold out so I get a kilo tub of 2% instead (they do not stock 0% in the larger tubs.). I am using probably more olive oil when frying the Dukan diet gallettes than  I should, but that is the price to pay for a perfect result rather than just sticking on to the pan.

Ho hum…. at least I lost some weight and didn’t just stagnate. I get annoyed as i am impatient to get to my goal and want to get there as quickly as possible.

Lets see what progress I make next week. Pop back to find out how my Dukan Diet week 9 will turn out.

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