My name is Barry Rodgers. Having been piling on weight for the last 6 years since I quit smoking, I came to the point where enough was enough!

I weigh a whopping 109kg (that’s 17 stones or almost 240 lbs). I am not overly tall so it looks and feels bad.

A friend introducedme to the Dukan Diet a short while ago. I hadnt seen her for some time and she looked fantastic. She had slimmed down to how she was years ago. When she told me it was a simple, painless process without being hungry or miserable, I was all ears. Especially the part where she told me that after the diet has run its course, you can eat pretty much what you want and, providing you follow a few simple rules, the weight will not jump back on.

So here I am, exposing my experience of The Dukan Diet to the world. If you are as impressed as i was and want to learn more, please buy the book through my links on the site at a discounted rate.

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  1. Hanan says:

    Hi Barry,

    First of all thank you for sharing your experience with us, good job. I ve’ learned about this diet from a friend but she also heard about it, but I don’t have details of it. I ve’ already started it and I lost in 6 dyas 2.5 kg. To be honest with you I don’t know what to eat in the next stages…I mean what am I allowed or not allowed and for how long. The most important thing is that when can I eat fruit because I miss it…I don’t have desire for sweets but I need fruits…I feel dehydrated all the time although I try to drink lot’s of water and Tea.
    I would appreciate any tips or advice you can provide me with.

    Best Regards,

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