Dukan Diet Progress. Weeks 22 – 28

So. I have been so busy that I have not been posting regularly here and I apologise.

Thanks for all the great comments, by the way, it’s nice to know I have readers and that they are getting something from this blog.

OK. Where am I up to?

According to the good Doctor’s timeline, my cruise phase should have ended on 26th March and I should have hit my (their) target weight of 82.7 kg.  Remember, my target was a shade lower at around 80kg

Well, for the last 5 weeks – mainly because of rather too frequent transgressions in the beer/wine department and the vacation set back, I have been yo-yoing between 85.5kg and 86kg.

Although a tad disappointing, it is not as depressing as it seems. Firstly, I know exactly why I have not continued losing the weight. My fault entirely. Second, it makes me realise that, when I get on to the next phase (which will look kind of similar to my cruise phase + transgressions) I will not immediately pile all of the weight back on.

Now I have to concentrate on being more sensible. The goal is in sight…

Lets see if I can get to the Dukan weight by this time next month.

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