Dukan Diet Plan Success – Before and After

Hi, so it has been almost a year since I got hold of Pierre Dukan’s ‘The Dukan Diet‘ book. I had a load of weight to lose…far more than many people who start on this diet. So it has been a marathon rather than a sprint.

As I write this I am still not even halfway through the final consolidation phase. As I extended my second phase by almost two months, I will reach the end of this phase in early March next year. The halfway point will be in October. This phase is very long as it is 5 days for every pound lost…and I lost a whole bunch of pounds!

Dukan Diet Success – the good news

Here’s the good news. Even with some transgressions and- on one or two occasions – forgetting the protein-only day (oops), My weight is stable. I am usually between 82 and 83 kilos. I have been down as low as 81 for some reason and as high as 83.5. I just checked and today I am bang on 82 kilos. So, I am not putting the weight back on. Just as it promises in the Dukan Diet book 🙂

Dukan Diet: Before and After

I guess it is about time that you saw some befor and after shots so that you can see the sort of results I have achieved.

Do you remember these photos I put up on the first post almost a year ago?

dukan diet

gawd! look at the size of me here!

Thats me in the middle

dukan diet

A bad angle...but still!!

These were all taken in February 2010

Here are a couple of photos taken in November 2009:

dukan diet plan

Thos trousers were bursting tight!

dukan diet plan before and after

Man, oh, man!

So let’s see some after photos taken this week. The first ones are wearing the same shirt and trousers.

dukan diet plan success

Same shirt, same trousers.

dukan diet plan

These were sooo uncomfortable before.

dukan diet plan before and after

Now I have to wear a belt!









Here are some without the shirt. Sorry everyone – there may be less of it but it still aint pretty!

dukan diet plan

Those shorts are the first size 'medium' item I bought in years

dukan diet plan before and after

A bit of toning exercise and I won't be too shabby for my age, I guess

So for anyone looking at this and wondering ‘Does this work?’ ‘Is it too good to be true?’ I can confirm that it has worked for me. I have more energy, more confidence, I can wear good clothes again without looking like a tent on legs.

Grab hold of the book and go for it (discount links on this page below and to the side).

I will make and post a new video soon.

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4 Responses to Dukan Diet Plan Success – Before and After

  1. Gail says:

    Barry, you really have done absolutely brilliantly. You’re an inspiration for everyone who thinks that diets don’t work. It’s the long-term change in eating habits that become a way of life that are this successful. I can vouch for the fact that you look years younger and are almost unrecognisable … having known you for many years I can honestly say that when we saw you this summer we literally didn’t recognise you! Unless you were with Jenny or the twins it was so hard to be sure it was you! You know this from the day I walked past you when you were on your bike and you stopped and said “you really don’t recognise me do you?!!” Thank you Barry for inspiring so many of us and encouraging us to try this wonderful eating plan (I refuse to call it a diet as it’s not a hardship to eat this way) I’ve lost lots of weight myself following the Dukan Diet plan and I’ll never return to the days of eating carbs by the ton! Good luck with this next stage of the plan.

  2. Elena says:

    Hi Barry, I’m really happy for you… I sarted the same diet in November of 2011, I’ve lost 17 kilos, so that’s a lot…. Seeing your results really makes my willpower stronger…. I’m on the second phase up until June of this year, so I’m really happy for other people’s achievments.!

  3. Wow Its so cool and great. and I totally hanged when I was seen you pics above which you posted about your diet plan success before and after, Keep going.

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