I am entering Phase 3

Dukan Diet Plan Progress Update

So, after a month or more of hovering between 83kg and 84 kg I decided that I would be best now to enter the third phase in the Dukan Diet…Consolidation.

To recap, my Dukan set target weight or ‘true weight’ as they call it was 82.7kg. So I am there or thereabouts.

I have plateaued here anyway and have decided to go to the next phase and consolidate the weight. As I took off 25 kilos, this phase will last 275 days (the best part of 40 weeks).  So I will finish the Dukan Diet on 18th March next year.

From what I read in the Dukan Diet book, the last 20 weeks will be twice as much fun as the first 20 weeks as treats like starchy foods and celebration meals are limited in the first half of the phase.

That doesn’t worry me as I find the diet quite easy and, now, with less restrictions given the alternate day thing and the addition of a few more foods, it will be even easier to follow.

So I am working on getting some before and after photos posted here and I will make a couple of new videos too. Expect to see those as soon as I can get them done.

Dukan Diet Private Members Support Area

Also, I am working on putting together a private support area for people on the diet and provide recipes, interviews with fellow Dukan Dieters as well as a private forum where you can all meet with other people in the same process as you. You know, not everyone wants to share their diet experiences on the open net. Many do not want friends, family members or work colleagues finding before/after photos of written experiences. But it helps everyone to share and draw from people with common goals. Hence the idea of a private forum.

You can subscribe hear about that as and when it comes to fruition here by registering using the form just below.

So, it feels good to be into the third and final phase of the project and I am delighted at how I now look. Amazed in fact. Not so much as people who have not seen me for a few months are, though. Some literally have to double-take to recognise me! I was delighted when I bought a new pair of shorts recently and discovered I was officially a ‘medium’ again.

One request. Anyone reading this who knows me and will be travelling out here in the coming weeks/months, could you please pack a bag or two of oatbran for me? It is not available here at all and still rely on friends and family to ‘mule’ it over for me. Thanks!

More soon with those photos & videos of my experience so far on the Dukan Diet.

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