Dukan Diet Plan Progress – week 29/30

Here is my latest news about The Dukan Diet Plan I am on.

On Thursday 21st April I weighed 83.5kg. So that is less than 1 kilo away from the timeline prediction for the 26th. March. This means that, so far, I have lost 24.5 kilos (54+ pounds) since starting the Dukan Diet.

I will continue with the cruise phase a little longer to make my weight fit into what the BMI stats say I should be. That is around 80 Kilos (or just under, actually).

So, my goal for the rest of April is to get down to the timeline target weight of 82.6 kilos and hopefully a bit lower. That will mean that my vacation and the transgressions made after I came home basically added a month to my cruise phase. Hey, a boy’s gotta have some fun occasionally!

I have been drinking less alcohol in the last 10 days or so and getting more exercise too, so both have had the desired effect.

As a side note, I am still working on recipes and other support ideas to make a members support group here. If you want to get details of when I launch this, please leave your details in the form below.

Yes! Keep me informed.

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  1. Mr. Skeptical says:

    It’s AMAZING!!

    It’s AMAZING how can you have an entire website/blog devoted to losing weight without 1 single picture!!!

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