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  1. Jan (Dutch version...ie: John) says:

    I’m about to start this diet myself. Not on a whim, as I’ve been preparing for about 3 months. I’m 40, 180cm and my current weight is 107kg. I want to loose 20kg, and the Dukan calc estimates about 5 months (my goal was within 6 months). I just wanted to point out to you that in a few of your posts, you tend to suggest your a little dissappointed with your progress, even though you have thrashed your initial goal of 10kg by Christmas. From what I’m reading you acheived that in the first month and by Christmas, you’ll have almost doubled that goal! Have I missed something? I think your doing a great job, and I know I’ll do just as well. Keep it up.

    • Barry says:


      You are absolutely right. I think that, like many things in life, one can get blase and complacent about what achievements one is making and get easily disappointed by constant success at the same level.

      I deliberately have left it for 2 weeks before posting the Christmas period as I was afraid that there would be no weight loss.

      Ignore my vanity and thank you for pointing it out to me.

      The fact is I am looking and feeling 100% better. I am confident in reaching my ultimate goals and I am pleased that you have reminded me that I have actually exceeded by stated goal for Christmas.

      I do hope that you will share your progress with us here when you embark on the diet yourself.

  2. lata says:

    hi i started duncan diet last week wendnes day
    have only lost 3.4 lbs !!!!
    speaking to other people who did it or doing it lost at least 7 ibs first week
    i am diasapointed as i have followed it to the tooth

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