Dukan Diet Plan Weeks 17 – 22

Dukan Diet Plan Progress

On Wednesday 2nd. March I weighed 87kg. after a strange few weeks on the Dukan Diet.

So. It’s been a while.

On the second of February I went to England on a vacation until 21st. This posed a few problems as suddenly I had lost some control of what I was eating. We were staying with family so, during the daytime I was able to stick with the diet. The problem came in the evenings. We were eating out – usually at family members’ houses or restaurants most nights. Everyone was very understanding and made food which almost correlated to what i should be eating but many protein only evenings went by the wayside in the face of wonderfully cooked meals.

I was making galettes and taking them with me as a rice/potato/pasta sub so I was trying but I do ave to tale the blame for transgressions.

There were occasions, towared the end of the holiday when I basically had to say to myself ‘screw the diet, I am going to eat whatever I want tonight’.

By being pretty strict during the daytimes and  doing regular walking, though, I finished the vacation just 1kg up on when I left. This, for me, felt like a victory.

During the week since i returned, I did a mini attack phase of three days.

This has meant that this week I have dropped 1.5kg so i am half a kilo down from my pre holiday weight and I feel that i am back on track.

I want to get down to 82kg by the end of April. That is my goal. I think, had I not have transgresses while away, I had a shot of getting there by the end of March.

Anyway, let’s see what happens.

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7 Responses to Dukan Diet Plan Weeks 17 – 22

  1. Heather says:

    I would say .5kg down from pre-vacation is pretty awesome! And you allowed yourself to have a good time, and still did amazingly. Great work! I’m sure you can get to your goal!

  2. Mary Mitchell says:

    Hello from Scottsdale, AZ. Your blog is just the right amount of encouragement, honesty, and whimsy. You explanations show us that we can hang in there and see success. What is of particular interest to me is that while you are not perfect, you work through it and get back on track. I look forward to further posts. Best wishes.

  3. Keely Moore says:


    Where are you?! I am on day 3 of the attack phase and looking at recipes, advice et and found your blog. I have just read all 22 weeks and watched your video and am dieing to know if you have reached the end of your cruise phase.

    I am finding this diet so much easier than any I have been on before even on the attack phase but I have real doubts about being on any restrictive diet for months and months – which is probably why I am still two stone over wieght , evn though I joined a well known diet club in Jan!! I had lost 10lbs before I started dukan and on day three I have lost 3 lbs . I am going on holiday in two weeks and was hoping to drop about half a stone before I go, but I know I won’t stay on the diet on hol! Shall I start the attack phase again when I come back , do you think??

    Thanks for such an inspiring, truthful and informative blog. I look forward to following your success and hpefully adding my own 🙂

    • Barry says:

      More info coming soon, Keely. I have been soooo busy , I have not been posting as often as I should. Sorry. I will not spoil my post by updating here just that many people have been e-mailing me about recipes (I was a retsaurateur & chef) so I am putting together a program around the Dukan Diet…original interesting recipies, support and encouragement and also success stories and interviews. Stay tuned for details!

      Your plan sounds good, although it would be better if you can stick as much to the diet as possible while you are away. It is more difficult when you are traveling and not 100% in control of what you eat. The best thing is, I know you will have success with this plan, whatever happens on holiday. Please keep us updated on your progress!

  4. buzzsaw says:

    I cannot say enough good things about this diet! I can’t believe I finally found something that works for me! I don’t understand how this diet has a single bad review! I have to think that the bad reviews must come from people who haven’t tried it or don’t follow it properly. In the past, I have either had to starve myself on diets to lose weight or just live with being fat – not anymore! Not only have other diets made me feel starved but they have workout plans you’re expected to follow that are quite intense. You already have no energy from the little food you’re allowed and then they want you to workout for up to an hour at a time! This is why these diets just don’t work! The only exercise that is absolutely required of you in the Dukan Diet is walking, which almost anybody can do! Now, let me give you my current results from the Dukan Diet and you will see why I am so in love with this diet! I started this diet 7 days ago. I am on day 8 today. I am a male, 26 years old, 6 foot tall, and I weighed 210 pounds a week ago. After reading this book, I went to dukandiet.com and calculated my true weight and it told me I needed to be at 172. It told me I only needed to be on the attack phase for 3 days and then to move on to the cruise phase. Everyone should go to this website and calculate your true weight the day of or the night before you start and it will tell you how long you need to be on each phase, and exactly what your weight should be for your age and gender. It will prompt you to be on the first phase or the attack phase anywhere from 1 to 10 days. Well, I know it told me to only be on the attack phase for 3 days but I wanted to be at 172 yesterday if you know what I mean. So, I have chose to be on the attack phase for the full 10 days. I’m not saying everyone should do this but I happen to enjoy high protein foods quite well and I wanted this weight off as fast as possible. After 7 full days of the attack phase, I weighed in at 195.4 pounds this morning! That is a loss of 14.6 pounds in only 7 full days on the diet! Also, I haven’t been hungry or felt starved this entire time! I eat anytime I want and as much as I want! Now, I will tell you that I have followed this diet to a tee. I have not cheated in the slightest, not once. So don’t think you can cheat and get these kind of results. It just won’t happen. Buy this book, read it from front to back, and start this diet! It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made!

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