The Dukan Diet Week 2

Day 15 Monday 11th October

Today I weigh 100.75kg So my first week of cruise phase has seen me shed another 2.75 kg

Here is a potted history of the week without getting too boring:

Each day I started  with what has become my usual breakfast. Two or three slices of low fat ham, one or two boiled (or poached) eggs and a slice of rather disgusting low fat cheese. This is a bit of a cheat really as its 5% fat and a bit too high. But its my little luxury (albeit disgusting) which, for me, completes my continental breakfast.

I have decided to try and stick to this protein breakfast even on the vegetable days (maybe with the addition of half a sliced tomato) as I see no need or desire for salad or vegetables at this time of day.

Lunches have mostly been grilled chicken. Boring, I know but I like it. Either as a bashed out breast with lemon & oregano or as a souvlaki or cooled and sliced in a salad.

Since Thursday I have been making the Dukan galletes with oatbran. Fantastic! Love em!. One day for lunch I made some Dukan fake herb mayo, mixed it with tuna and a squeeze of lemon juice, then stuffed it inside a warm gallete. Yum. Will do this again on a vegetable day and throw in some lettice, tomatoes, peppers and chili and I have like an oatbran tuna burrito!

Greek Tzatziki is a great addition to the diet. Make it with 0% fat Greek yoghurt, grated cucumber (squeezed of excess juice), a couple of cloves of smashed garlic and a pinch of salt and a dribble of wine vinegar. Leave out the customary glug of olive oil and it tastes almost real!

Dinner has been mostly snacks of either roast chicken with an egg or roast chicken with salad and beetroot according to the type of day. Sometimes I have made a huge tuna salad with Dukan vinaigrette and a boiled egg.

I went to a restaurant for a meal out this week. I made sure it was a vegetable day and I had a delicious chicken Souvlaki cooked over charcoal with a Greek salad (with no feta and no oil – I made my own dressing in a spare wine glass). Success. 100% OK with this diet (apart from the glass of white wine I drank) and, boy, I was full afterwards!

OK…transgressions this week. A glass of ouzo on Wednesday and a shot or two of ouzo last night. Thats all!. I will post a video when I get my new microphone working to explain a bit more about why I am not making the huge transgressions people maybe expected of me.

I have been getting intermittent walking done. About every other day I walk for about 50 minutes. I will be able to step this up more after the job finishes and my time is more my own.

I have to get ready for work now….

Watch out for that video in the next day or so!

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