Dukan Diet Plan – Week 15

The Dukan Diet Progress Report

On Monday 1oth January I weighed 89 kilos. That is 1.5 kilos less than last week and a total of 19 kilos – that’s 41.89 lbs or almost exactly 3 stonesĀ  lost since I started The Dukan Diet

Wooooo! I am in the 80’s. I loved the 80’s.

This is a big boost for me…the goal is now firmly in sight. To get to my Dukan Diet target weight I need to lose about another 6.5 kilos. To get to where I think I should be I am around 10 kilos away. Considering what a big hill it seemed to be when I was thinking that it was 30 kilos away, it seems to have been very, very easy.

That’s the great thing about this diet…just how simple it is to do and to achieve with. I really do not get moments very often when I crave something. It’s very rare indeed as I am always filling myself up with wonderful food.

The other thing is that I feel soooo much better. I have so much more energy and life.

I am in a very good mood this month. I have lost more weight on the Dukan Diet and – business wise the year has started very well. Big smiley face over here at the moment.

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