Dukan Diet Plan – Weeks 13 & 14

Dukan Diet Plan – Progress Report

On Monday 27th. December I weighed 91kg. On Monday 3rd January I weighed 90.5kg. So, over The Christmas & New Year festivities I made a total loss of 0.5kg on the Dukan Diet.

Phew! I thought I would pile loads on! Here’s what i got up to or, this week, it should be a list of all the transgressions I made.

First off, I am drinking more wine than I should do.  This has crept up on me gradually.  I started by thinking OK I will take one or two glasses one evening, but now it seems that if the last two weeks it has been every evening.  This is something that I must take in hand.  On Christmas Eve I even had a bloody Mary.  Wonderful as it was, I did  feel  rather guilty.

Over the Christmas weekend I managed to stay within the Dukan diet.  This was because of work commitments.  My wife was working on Christmas day and Boxing Day so we decided to have a Christmas meal on the following Monday.  Now if I said as I was completely good on that Monday I would be lying.  My transgressions included far too much wine, one chocolate, a couple of mouthfuls of Christmas pudding and a handful of pringle’s.

Much of this excess was counterbalanced by the fact that our twin boys received bicycles for Christmas.  So I volunteered to go peddling around with them.  Over a few days with fine weather we covered many kilometers meaning that my exercise rate increased.

Having weighed myself before indulging on the Monday after Christmas and knowing that I would be indulging, I resolved to string three protein only days together on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday of that week.  Perhaps that is the only reason why I still managed to lose a small amount over this festive indulgent time.

It will be a big psychological boost to me to finally escape the nineties and get down into the eighties.  It remains to be seen whether I will do it this week or whether it will take me a couple of weeks to achieve.  When I’ve achieved this it will seem that my goal will be finally in sight.

There may be a lot of people reading this blog who are considering dieting because of a new year’s resolution.  My advice for you guys is to grab hold of the Dukan diet book and go for it.  You will not find a more pleasant and easier way to shed the pounds and to keep them off once you have shed them.  You can pick up the book by clicking the special discount links for Amazon in the sidebar if you are in the UK or below to this post if you are elsewhere.

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