Dukan Diet Plan – Week 12

Dukan Diet Plan – Progress Week 12

After 12 weeks on the Dukan Diet on Monday 20th December I weighed 91kg. That is a total of 17kg (about 37.5 lbs) lost since starting.

Not as much as I had hoped for. I can’t figure out why, when I have a week where I have few if any transgressions, some good exercise, I lose just half a kilo but when I have a week with hardly any exercise and a serious party halfway through, I lose one and a half kilos.

Anyway, it’s running up th Christmas. We will not be having our main celebration meal on Christmas Day as my wife is working in the evening, so I will do the turkey thing on Monday. This means that whatever weight I achieve in this week, it will not include my ‘Christmas Day’ as such. That will be in next weeks report.

I do have one transgression (well, 2 actually) planned for Christmas day itself. I found two cans of English beer which were winking at me on a shelf in a big store in the city the other day. Do I care that I will be very naughty? Not a bit.

I want to take this opportunity to tank the people who have been reading this blog so far. Thank you for all of the messages and comments and kind words of encouragement. I hope that my journey has inspired a few others in starting to get to their ideal weight too.

Merry Christmas to all and see you on the other side of the holiday.

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  1. Gaby says:

    Hi Barry,

    You are such an inspiration to many!! It is so good for many of us, that there are people like you, who find the time and have the determination to write such a blog, which is a proper website, actually !! Thank you so much for doing this…and keep posting…..

    I started the Dukan diet myself, 4 days ago, on Feb 2nd, and I have not cheated at all, and so I lost 4.4 pounds, today being my first PV day…..after 3 days attack phase.

    I have not bought the books but I read about it online. I like cooking and just knowing the ingredients, I can easily make some good, tasty food.

    Again, good luck and keep shedding the pounds. You are an inspiration.

    Best wishes

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