Dukan Diet Plan – Week 11

Dukan Diet Plan Progress

Dukan Diet Plan Week 11

On Monday 13th. December I weighed 91.5kg. That is a loss of 1.5kg (about 3lbs) since last week and an overall weight loss of 16.5kg (36.38 lbs) since starting The Dukan Diet

I am very happy with the way the week has gone. Especially as it included a party halfway through where I had to compromise the Dukan Diet a little. More on that in a bit.

I have had medium exercise this week, walking when the weather was fine enough to do so but no big hikes up mountains or anything like that. I seem to have developed a routine for eating and it is providing me with a rhythm for the P & PV days. For many people, my range of foods that I stick to would be fairly boring. I am not really straying outside a few delicious meals. My breakfast I tend to eat at around mid day and I eat a snack or a low fat fruit yoghurt at 4 or 5 pm. My main meal of the day is in the evening and I tend to save up my Gallette for that.

During this week I will make a list of the 10 or so dishes I eat. I am quite happy with this and don’t often feel the need to expand with other stuff.

This week, as I mentioned, we were invited to a good friend’s birthday party held at a local restaurant. Olga, whose birthday it was, kindly informed the restaurant that I would require an un-dressed salad and chicken souvlakis. So I was good to go!

Unfortunately, it fell on a protein only day so, what I did was to stick with just protein during the day and then, at the party, I enjoyed myself without stressing about the diet. I drank an ouzo and then far too many glasses of white wine (a little hung-over the next day as I am not used to drinking now!).

The following day, which was supposed to be a PV day, I made into a P day. This meant that, apart from a small amount of salad and the booze, I had effectively 3 protein days in a row. This is what I attribute the extra weight loss this week to. Thanks, Olga!

Still getting loads of comments wherever I go. At the party I was constantly trying to steer conversations away from diets as I don’t want to be a diet-bore.

For me, one of the amazing things about the party was that it gave me an opportunity to delve into the hopeful wardrobe. I wore a suit I hadn’t worn in years and my favourite ever shirt which, for quite a number of years now, I have not been able to fit in to. This was amazing to discover.

More clothes discoveries came on Sunday as I changed my wardrobe over. Here we have summer clothes and winter clothes but relatively small wardrobes to keep them in. So, around this time of year we have to pack away the summer stuff and un-pack winter stuff. i found many items which have just remained packed for several winters simply because they were too small but too good a quality to get rid of. So this was heartening.

Jenny, my wife, spotted a classy Yves Saint Laurant jacket for me which had never been worn in a bizarre held in the town this week. It was a real steal! The lady selling the jacket, who knows us both but hadn’t seen me in a while, said that it would be best if i tried it on & that she would keep it back for a while until I came in. She obviously thought that it would be far too small for me. Well, everyone had a shock when it actually was a tad on the large side! I bought it anyway.

Overall, a bloody good week for me and my Dukan Diet

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