Dukan Diet – Week 10

Dukan Diet update: Week 10

On Monday 6th. December I weighed 93kg. (205 lbs). That is a loss of 0.5kg (1 lb) in the last week. A total weight loss of 15kg (33 lbs) since starting The Dukan Diet

So, another disappointing week. Just seems like I am in a bit of stagnation.

I am not getting enough exercise and I have drifted into having the occasional glass of wine a little too frequently. So…that has to stop!

I picked up the Dukan Diet book for the first time in a while yesterday and read the closing few pages of the Cruise Phase description. Here Dr. Dukan outlines how approximately half of all people following The Dukan Diet stumble at the point I am at right now. It is a mixture of self satisfaction and complacency which are the big enemies.

This did me a lot of good and bucked me up considerably.

I had a transgression last night – which I will write about in next week’s post – but I am more determined than ever to get right through to the ‘finishing line’ which, for me will be around this time next year.

It looks like the cruise phase will last longer than I would like to get down to my true weight if I stay losing just 2 kg a month – maybe I can boost things by doing more walking and cutting down on transgressions!

More Dukan Diet progress next time.

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4 Responses to Dukan Diet – Week 10

  1. Seen this site a few times now and have to say it has been a tremendes help for me. well looking forward to your next post!

  2. The Dukan diet plan may be the most ideal way for you to decide if this eating program is suitable for you or not. After all, you will be required to adhere with the rules of this diet for a few weeks, so you have to make sure that you are up for it. With that in mind, you should know that any weight loss program will require you to make some sort of changes in your lifestyle so do not expect that you will be able to eat as you have been used to with impunity.

    • Barry says:

      Absolutely right, Cleo.

      Good thing about the Dukan diet is that the changes you have to make are ones that most people can easily live with and even enjoy.

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