Dukan Diet Plan Week 3

Well, This morning – Monday 18th October I weigh 99kg
I made it into double figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a total of 9kg – thats a shade under 20lbs in my first 3 weeks.

OK, the loss has been less this week – just 1.75 kilos – but its put me into double figures and I can see my goals moving closer.

This week, my eating has been about the same as last week. While I am working at the restaurant my daily programme is mostly fixed. I have been skipping breakfast some mornings or just having a couple of spoons of yoghurt with the oatbran mixed in. This is because I have been getting up later and only eating when I am hungry.

By the way…I am going to start calling protein only days P days and the protein and veg days PV days.

One PV day turned out to be a P day. I didn’t have time to make the salad I had promised myself after eating a protein only lunch.

Due to awful weather, my exercise has been very little this week. I have been working hard at the restaurant for 8+ hours every day as well as being active all morning…but I haven’t done the walking every day. Maybe this is why my loss is reduced this week.

I suddenly realised that I can make nice sauces for my meat this week. I made a delicious tomato, peppers and chili sauce (which I naughtily threw a few whole black olives in) and baked my chicken breast in that. I ate it with broccoli rather than pasta which I would have normally chosen.

Not a great photo, but you get the idea. Forgive the old plate! 🙂

I don’t normally photograph food, but it occurred to me, just before I ate it, that it would be nice for people who are considering going on the Dukan Diet to see the sort of thing they could be eating. In fact, if you were hungry, add another chicken breast to this. There is no limit.

My transgressions have been very few. Like before, I do sometimes have a small glass or two of ouzo and I even had half a glass of white wine but apart from that I have not been taking any alcohol.

Last week of summer work this week. We will see if I maintain my weight loss and it will be interesting to see how it affects the diet when the whole rhythm of my life changes as we go into the winter.

Until next time…


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2 Responses to Dukan Diet Plan Week 3

  1. Blodwen says:

    Hi! Love the idea of seeing pictures of what you’re eating so we can get meal ideas. I found your site via youtube, you explained it all very well and I love your positive attitude, it’s very infectious. I’m looking forward to watching your next videos to spur me on! My mum has just bought the book and I’m around a stone overweight myself so thought I’d try it with her to give her some support and perhaps I’ll stop creating a dam when I sit in the bath, haha!

    • Barry says:

      Thanks, Cathy and welcome to you & your mum..

      You will have no problems shedding that stone with this diet, believe me. Whats more, you will feel great while you are doing it.

      Please come back on here and share your story with us as you go – there are lots of people to give you encouragement and your experiences will encourage other people in turn.

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