Dukan Diet Plan Week 4

Hi all,

Sorry for this being late…almost a full week late in fact. It was my last week at the restaurant last week so things were hectic then and since I have had loads of things get in the way of getting up to date with online stuff – this blog included – power cuts, internet down for a complete day, you name it!

Anyway, as you saw from the brief post I put up the other day, things are still going really well on the Dukan diet. I lost a further 1.5 kilos over the week. This is in spite of the fact that a mixture of bad weather and exhaustion from other activities meant that I did not get any walking done at all!. Sorry, Dr. Dukan, but I just didn’t get an opportunity to fit it in. I was rather busy at work on a few of those days so I was not lying on a couch watching TV at all. That is one thing…apart from when I am in front of the computer I do tend to be rather active. I am looking forward to the current rotten weather to break so I can go on some more serious hikes with the family.

I have been a very good Dukan Diet boy notwithstanding the lack of walking. I have been adhering to the P and PV days properly and drinking loads of water. I had my daily dose of oatbran, Oh, that makes it sound like some unpleasant medicine – it’s not at all unpleasant. I have not been very adventurous with it so far, just making the Dukan Gallettes and, once or twice, mixing it into some 0% fat (or 2% if the store has no 0% which has happened once) Greek yogurt which is really nice as a snack.

I made a beef chilli without beans this week. Instead we added carrots, courgettes, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. Man it was good. Hot and good. This is a dish I would normally have eaten with loads of rice or a stack of tortillas. I had, this time, a side salad with the low oil balsamic dressing. Delicious. I used white balsamic vinegar this time…extra nice.

I am fitting into some more items in the hopeful section of the wardrobe (see previous posts/videos) and, sadly, some much loved clothes are a bit big on me now. Ah well, I will just have to move the belt up a few notches.

All positive stuff. More & more people are noticing that I am getting to somewhere near human mass. Its very encouraging.

More in the next few days…I may make another short video as well. Look out for that!

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Bye for now!

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