The Dukan Diet Plan Week 5

Hi everyone!

On Monday, 1st. November, my weight was 96.75kg. So I have only lost 0.75kg in the last week. my total weight loss since starting is 11.25kg (almost 25 lbs)

OK, I must say I was a little disappointed in the small weight loss this week. I have had no transgressions on the food front and, although I have not been able to walk every day, my exercise level was higher.

I had a couple of P (protein only) days where I became slightly annoyed with the diet. On one occasion, I had not eaten anything and had become very hungry as the day wore on and was then frustrated that I had to cook something rather than just making myself a quick sandwich or grabbing a piece of fruit.

Similarly, on another day, Jenny had cooked something for her & the kids and I had to start over cooking my food afterwards. On occasions like these I get a little angry with being on the diet. Not anywhere near angry enough to just eat a sandwich or anything. Just frustrated that there are very few convenience options on a P day!

Another lesson learned here is to plan ahead. I have to make sure that there are foods I can eat in abundance in the fridge and freezer. Rather than buying one or two items of this sort, i am now carrying more stock of things.

So I cheered myself up by reading how much different my diet will be when I get down to my chosen weight and can move into the next phase.

On a positive note, more and more people are commenting that I look slimmer and better. Even people who do not know about my diet. This gives me massive encouragement.

Two pairs of trousers I bought back in February now are way too big for me and I have to really tighten the belt for them to stay up. I haven’t delved into the hopeful section of the wardrobe again for a week or so. I am saving this joy for a rainy day. I was looking also at a video I made, for Week 2 of the diet and I was shocked at my appearance. This was only 3 weeks ago & my face looks totally different now. Not anywhere near so puffy and flabby.

Maybe for next time I will have my first before & after shots just using frame captures from the videos!

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