Dukan Diet Plan – Week 7

On Monday 15th. November I weighed 94.5 kg.

That is a further 1 kilo less than last week, bringing the total weight lost since 27th. September to 13.5 kg. For those working in ‘old money’ that equates to 29.75 lbs.

I am concious that I am still not getting enough exercise. OK, the weather was being a bit poo this week, but there have been good days too and I shouldn’t have any excuses.

I do work at the computer a lot but need to do more walking in accordance with the diet. It’s interesting that the weight loss was greater last week with more exercise than this week. So even the light walking that Dr Dukan suggests makes a big difference.

My cousin just asked me how I feel. He hasn’t seen me in about 2 years and didn’t know i was on the diet. I have to report I am feeling great. really good. A lot better and lighter in step than before. Because the weight (and try lifting 30lbs of something) is a noticeable amount and it has gone in a relatively short period of time, I notice the difference.

I will put up a video  again soon.

Until then….

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