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Before and After Dukan Diet Video

Here is a video I made for YouTube about my progress so far

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Dukan Diet Plan Success – Before and After

Hi, so it has been almost a year since I got hold of Pierre Dukan’s ‘The Dukan Diet‘ book. I had a load of weight to lose…far more than many people who start on this diet. So it has been a marathon rather than a sprint.

As I write this I am still not even halfway through the final consolidation phase. As I extended my second phase by almost two months, I will reach the end of this phase in early March next year. The halfway point will be in October. This phase is very long as it is 5 days for every pound lost…and I lost a whole bunch of pounds!

Dukan Diet Success – the good news

Here’s the good news. Even with some transgressions and- on one or two occasions – forgetting the protein-only day (oops), My weight is stable. I am usually between 82 and 83 kilos. I have been down as low as 81 for some reason and as high as 83.5. I just checked and today I am bang on 82 kilos. So, I am not putting the weight back on. Just as it promises in the Dukan Diet book ūüôā

Dukan Diet: Before and After

I guess it is about time that you saw some befor and after shots so that you can see the sort of results I have achieved.

Do you remember these photos I put up on the first post almost a year ago?

dukan diet

gawd! look at the size of me here!

Thats me in the middle

dukan diet

A bad angle...but still!!

These were all taken in February 2010

Here are a couple of photos taken in November 2009:

dukan diet plan

Thos trousers were bursting tight!

dukan diet plan before and after

Man, oh, man!

So let’s see some after photos taken this week. The first ones are wearing the same shirt and trousers.

dukan diet plan success

Same shirt, same trousers.

dukan diet plan

These were sooo uncomfortable before.

dukan diet plan before and after

Now I have to wear a belt!









Here are some without the shirt. Sorry everyone – there may be less of it but it still aint pretty!

dukan diet plan

Those shorts are the first size 'medium' item I bought in years

dukan diet plan before and after

A bit of toning exercise and I won't be too shabby for my age, I guess

So for anyone looking at this and wondering ‘Does this work?’ ‘Is it too good to be true?’ I can confirm that it has worked for me. I have more energy, more confidence, I can wear good clothes again without looking like a tent on legs.

Grab hold of the book and go for it (discount links on this page below and to the side).

I will make and post a new video soon.

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I am entering Phase 3

Dukan Diet Plan Progress Update

So, after a month or more of hovering between 83kg and 84 kg I decided that I would be best now to enter the third phase in the Dukan Diet…Consolidation.

To recap, my Dukan set target weight or ‘true weight’ as they call it was 82.7kg. So I am there or thereabouts.

I have plateaued here anyway and have decided to go to the next phase and consolidate the weight. As I took off 25 kilos, this phase will last 275 days (the best part of 40 weeks).  So I will finish the Dukan Diet on 18th March next year.

From what I read in the Dukan Diet book, the last 20 weeks will be twice as much fun as the first 20 weeks as treats like starchy foods and celebration meals are limited in the first half of the phase.

That doesn’t worry me as I find the diet quite easy and, now, with less restrictions given the alternate day thing and the addition of a few more foods, it will be even easier to follow.

So I am working on getting some before and after photos posted here and I will make a couple of new videos too. Expect to see those as soon as I can get them done.

Dukan Diet Private Members Support Area

Also, I am working on putting together a private support area for people on the diet and provide recipes, interviews with fellow Dukan Dieters as well as a private forum where you can all meet with other people in the same process as you. You know, not everyone wants to share their diet experiences on the open net. Many do not want friends, family members or work colleagues finding before/after photos of written experiences. But it helps everyone to share and draw from people with common goals. Hence the idea of a private forum.

You can subscribe hear about that as and when it comes to fruition here by registering using the form just below.

So, it feels good to be into the third and final phase of the project and I am delighted at how I now look. Amazed in fact. Not so much as people who have not seen me for a few months are, though. Some literally have to double-take to recognise me! I was delighted when I bought a new pair of shorts recently and discovered I was officially a ‘medium’ again.

One request. Anyone reading this who knows me and will be travelling out here in the coming weeks/months, could you please pack a bag or two of oatbran for me? It is not available here at all and still rely on friends and family to ‘mule’ it over for me. Thanks!

More soon with those photos & videos of my experience so far on the Dukan Diet.

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Dukan Diet Plan Progress – week 29/30

Here is my latest news about The Dukan Diet Plan I am on.

On Thursday 21st April I weighed 83.5kg. So that is less than 1 kilo away from the timeline prediction for the 26th. March. This means that, so far, I have lost 24.5 kilos (54+ pounds) since starting the Dukan Diet.

I will continue with the cruise phase a little longer to make my weight fit into what the BMI stats say I should be. That is around 80 Kilos (or just under, actually).

So, my goal for the rest of April is to get down to the timeline target weight of 82.6 kilos and hopefully a bit lower. That will mean that my vacation and the transgressions made after I came home basically added a month to my cruise phase. Hey, a boy’s gotta have some fun occasionally!

I have been drinking less alcohol in the last 10 days or so and getting more exercise too, so both have had the desired effect.

As a side note, I am still working on recipes and other support ideas to make a members support group here. If you want to get details of when I launch this, please leave your details in the form below.

Yes! Keep me informed.

To get advance pre-launch information, enter your details below

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Dukan Diet Progress. Weeks 22 – 28

So. I have been so busy that I have not been posting regularly here and I apologise.

Thanks for all the great comments, by the way, it’s nice to know I have readers and that they are getting something from this blog.

OK. Where am I up to?

According to the good Doctor’s timeline, my cruise phase should have ended on 26th March and I should have hit my (their) target weight of 82.7 kg.¬† Remember, my target was a shade lower at around 80kg

Well, for the last 5 weeks – mainly because of rather too frequent transgressions in the beer/wine department and the vacation set back, I have been yo-yoing between 85.5kg and 86kg.

Although a tad disappointing, it is not as depressing as it seems. Firstly, I know exactly why I have not continued losing the weight. My fault entirely. Second, it makes me realise that, when I get on to the next phase (which will look kind of similar to my cruise phase + transgressions) I will not immediately pile all of the weight back on.

Now I have to concentrate on being more sensible. The goal is in sight…

Lets see if I can get to the Dukan weight by this time next month.

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Dukan Diet Plan Weeks 17 – 22

Dukan Diet Plan Progress

On Wednesday 2nd. March I weighed 87kg. after a strange few weeks on the Dukan Diet.

So. It’s been a while.

On the second of February I went to England on a vacation until 21st. This posed a few problems as suddenly I had lost some control of what I was eating. We were staying with family so, during the daytime I was able to stick with the diet. The problem came in the evenings. We were eating out – usually at family members’ houses or restaurants most nights. Everyone was very understanding and made food which almost correlated to what i should be eating but many protein only evenings went by the wayside in the face of wonderfully cooked meals.

I was making galettes and taking them with me as a rice/potato/pasta sub so I was trying but I do ave to tale the blame for transgressions.

There were occasions, towared the end of the holiday when I basically had to say to myself ‘screw the diet, I am going to eat whatever I want tonight’.

By being pretty strict during the daytimes and  doing regular walking, though, I finished the vacation just 1kg up on when I left. This, for me, felt like a victory.

During the week since i returned, I did a mini attack phase of three days.

This has meant that this week I have dropped 1.5kg so i am half a kilo down from my pre holiday weight and I feel that i am back on track.

I want to get down to 82kg by the end of April. That is my goal. I think, had I not have transgresses while away, I had a shot of getting there by the end of March.

Anyway, let’s see what happens.

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I have been on vacation….

Sorry for not doing my usual weekly reports of late.

I have been on vacation. This was a big test for the Dukan Diet. It is far more difficult to stay cmpletely true to course when travelling and when being invited too dinner every night. You lose some control.

I will post a monthly report in the next few days so you can see how I got on.

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Dukan diet Plan Week 16/17

Dukan Diet Plan Progress

On Monday 24th. January I weighed 87.5 kg down 0.5kg from the previous week, 1.5kg down from my last post here and a total of 20.5 (45.2 lbs) kg since starting the Dukan Diet.

First of all apologies again  for not posting as frequently as I should. I have had a busy couple of weeks, finishing an ebook training product and launching it. Also other projects have been kicking in so it has taken a lot of my online time.

So, you can see that the week before last I went down a full kilo. I really do not know why. Last week there was a more modest half a kilo drop. I am eating pretty similar stuff, I am drinking some (not a lot) white wine and I have actually consumed one 500ml beer and one 330ml beer in the last 2 weeks. I am still not getting much exercise as the weather has been pants on the whole. Thunderstorms, rain … not the sort of weather for walking or bicycling.

I have been careful about daytime meals. I tend to skip breakfast and have something only when I get really hungry. When I do I have 3 eggs (omelette, scrambled, boiled and – when I feel like cheering myself up – fried), 2 or 3 slices of ham and 2 or 3 slices of turkey breast slices. The only difference on PV days is the addition of beetroot if I have made some previously. I dress the beetroot with the balsamic vinaigrette from the Dukan Diet book (available on the right if you are from the UK and below if you are in the USA or elsewhere) without the mustard and herbs but with a clove of finely chopped garlic. Once dressed (pickled really) it keeps for many days in the fridge. Often, though, I find that I have just eaten proteins until dinner time when we have our main meal.

Maybe this is compensating for the wine & lack of meaningful exercise. Who Knows.

Now my Dukan Diet ‘True Weight’ is in sight. Just 5kg to go.

I have been studying weight vs height and I still think that 82.3 kg is too heavy for me. The other day I was flicking through a football sticker book belonging to one of my sons. In there it gave the stats for the players in all of the Champions League teams. Mostly, the players at 1.8 metres were around 77 Р79 kg.  As I have never seen a fat footballer play in the Champions League, I can only assume that this would be a good weight to go for.

So about 10kg to go…

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Dukan Diet Plan – Week 15

The Dukan Diet Progress Report

On Monday 1oth January I weighed 89 kilos. That is 1.5 kilos less than last week and a total of 19 kilos – that’s 41.89 lbs or almost exactly 3 stones¬† lost since I started The Dukan Diet

Wooooo! I am in the 80’s. I loved the 80’s.

This is a big boost for me…the goal is now firmly in sight. To get to my Dukan Diet target weight I need to lose about another 6.5 kilos. To get to where I think I should be I am around 10 kilos away. Considering what a big hill it seemed to be when I was thinking that it was 30 kilos away, it seems to have been very, very easy.

That’s the great thing about this diet…just how simple it is to do and to achieve with. I really do not get moments very often when I crave something. It’s very rare indeed as I am always filling myself up with wonderful food.

The other thing is that I feel soooo much better. I have so much more energy and life.

I am in a very good mood this month. I have lost more weight on the Dukan Diet and – business wise the year has started very well. Big smiley face over here at the moment.

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Dukan Diet Plan – Weeks 13 & 14

Dukan Diet Plan – Progress Report

On Monday 27th. December I weighed 91kg. On Monday 3rd January I weighed 90.5kg. So, over The Christmas & New Year festivities I made a total loss of 0.5kg on the Dukan Diet.

Phew! I thought I would pile loads on! Here’s what i got up to or, this week, it should be a list of all the transgressions I made.

First off, I am drinking more wine than I should do.  This has crept up on me gradually.  I started by thinking OK I will take one or two glasses one evening, but now it seems that if the last two weeks it has been every evening.  This is something that I must take in hand.  On Christmas Eve I even had a bloody Mary.  Wonderful as it was, I did  feel  rather guilty.

Over the Christmas weekend I managed to stay within the Dukan diet.¬† This was because of work commitments.¬† My wife was working on Christmas day and Boxing Day so we decided to have a Christmas meal on the following Monday.¬† Now if I said as I was completely good on that Monday I would be lying.¬† My transgressions included far too much wine, one chocolate, a couple of mouthfuls of Christmas pudding and a handful of pringle’s.

Much of this excess was counterbalanced by the fact that our twin boys received bicycles for Christmas.  So I volunteered to go peddling around with them.  Over a few days with fine weather we covered many kilometers meaning that my exercise rate increased.

Having weighed myself before indulging on the Monday after Christmas and knowing that I would be indulging, I resolved to string three protein only days together on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday of that week.  Perhaps that is the only reason why I still managed to lose a small amount over this festive indulgent time.

It will be a big psychological boost to me to finally escape the nineties and get down into the eighties.¬† It remains to be seen whether I will do it this week or whether it will take me a couple of weeks to achieve.¬† When I’ve achieved this it will seem that my goal will be finally in sight.

There may be a lot of people reading this blog who are considering dieting because of a new year’s resolution.¬† My advice for you guys is to grab hold of the Dukan diet book and go for it.¬† You will not find a more pleasant and easier way to shed the pounds and to keep them off once you have shed them.¬† You can pick up the book by clicking the special discount links for Amazon in the sidebar if you are in the UK or below to this post if you are elsewhere.

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