Dukan Diet Plan – Week 12

Dukan Diet Plan – Progress Week 12

After 12 weeks on the Dukan Diet on Monday 20th December I weighed 91kg. That is a total of 17kg (about 37.5 lbs) lost since starting.

Not as much as I had hoped for. I can’t figure out why, when I have a week where I have few if any transgressions, some good exercise, I lose just half a kilo but when I have a week with hardly any exercise and a serious party halfway through, I lose one and a half kilos.

Anyway, it’s running up th Christmas. We will not be having our main celebration meal on Christmas Day as my wife is working in the evening, so I will do the turkey thing on Monday. This means that whatever weight I achieve in this week, it will not include my ‘Christmas Day’ as such. That will be in next weeks report.

I do have one transgression (well, 2 actually) planned for Christmas day itself. I found two cans of English beer which were winking at me on a shelf in a big store in the city the other day. Do I care that I will be very naughty? Not a bit.

I want to take this opportunity to tank the people who have been reading this blog so far. Thank you for all of the messages and comments and kind words of encouragement. I hope that my journey has inspired a few others in starting to get to their ideal weight too.

Merry Christmas to all and see you on the other side of the holiday.

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Dukan Diet Plan – Week 11

Dukan Diet Plan Progress

Dukan Diet Plan Week 11

On Monday 13th. December I weighed 91.5kg. That is a loss of 1.5kg (about 3lbs) since last week and an overall weight loss of 16.5kg (36.38 lbs) since starting The Dukan Diet

I am very happy with the way the week has gone. Especially as it included a party halfway through where I had to compromise the Dukan Diet a little. More on that in a bit.

I have had medium exercise this week, walking when the weather was fine enough to do so but no big hikes up mountains or anything like that. I seem to have developed a routine for eating and it is providing me with a rhythm for the P & PV days. For many people, my range of foods that I stick to would be fairly boring. I am not really straying outside a few delicious meals. My breakfast I tend to eat at around mid day and I eat a snack or a low fat fruit yoghurt at 4 or 5 pm. My main meal of the day is in the evening and I tend to save up my Gallette for that.

During this week I will make a list of the 10 or so dishes I eat. I am quite happy with this and don’t often feel the need to expand with other stuff.

This week, as I mentioned, we were invited to a good friend’s birthday party held at a local restaurant. Olga, whose birthday it was, kindly informed the restaurant that I would require an un-dressed salad and chicken souvlakis. So I was good to go!

Unfortunately, it fell on a protein only day so, what I did was to stick with just protein during the day and then, at the party, I enjoyed myself without stressing about the diet. I drank an ouzo and then far too many glasses of white wine (a little hung-over the next day as I am not used to drinking now!).

The following day, which was supposed to be a PV day, I made into a P day. This meant that, apart from a small amount of salad and the booze, I had effectively 3 protein days in a row. This is what I attribute the extra weight loss this week to. Thanks, Olga!

Still getting loads of comments wherever I go. At the party I was constantly trying to steer conversations away from diets as I don’t want to be a diet-bore.

For me, one of the amazing things about the party was that it gave me an opportunity to delve into the hopeful wardrobe. I wore a suit I hadn’t worn in years and my favourite ever shirt which, for quite a number of years now, I have not been able to fit in to. This was amazing to discover.

More clothes discoveries came on Sunday as I changed my wardrobe over. Here we have summer clothes and winter clothes but relatively small wardrobes to keep them in. So, around this time of year we have to pack away the summer stuff and un-pack winter stuff. i found many items which have just remained packed for several winters simply because they were too small but too good a quality to get rid of. So this was heartening.

Jenny, my wife, spotted a classy Yves Saint Laurant jacket for me which had never been worn in a bizarre held in the town this week. It was a real steal! The lady selling the jacket, who knows us both but hadn’t seen me in a while, said that it would be best if i tried it on & that she would keep it back for a while until I came in. She obviously thought that it would be far too small for me. Well, everyone had a shock when it actually was a tad on the large side! I bought it anyway.

Overall, a bloody good week for me and my Dukan Diet

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Dukan Diet – Week 10

Dukan Diet update: Week 10

On Monday 6th. December I weighed 93kg. (205 lbs). That is a loss of 0.5kg (1 lb) in the last week. A total weight loss of 15kg (33 lbs) since starting The Dukan Diet

So, another disappointing week. Just seems like I am in a bit of stagnation.

I am not getting enough exercise and I have drifted into having the occasional glass of wine a little too frequently. So…that has to stop!

I picked up the Dukan Diet book for the first time in a while yesterday and read the closing few pages of the Cruise Phase description. Here Dr. Dukan outlines how approximately half of all people following The Dukan Diet stumble at the point I am at right now. It is a mixture of self satisfaction and complacency which are the big enemies.

This did me a lot of good and bucked me up considerably.

I had a transgression last night – which I will write about in next week’s post – but I am more determined than ever to get right through to the ‘finishing line’ which, for me will be around this time next year.

It looks like the cruise phase will last longer than I would like to get down to my true weight if I stay losing just 2 kg a month – maybe I can boost things by doing more walking and cutting down on transgressions!

More Dukan Diet progress next time.

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Dukan Diet Plan – Week 9

Dukan Diet Progress Report

Hi everyone, here is my progress on the Dukan Diet this week

On Monday 29th. November I weighed 93.5 kg. That is 0.5 kg less than last week. Overall, I have lost 14.5 kg since starting the Dukan Diet.

Ok, so I am disappointed again, just like I was last week. I did get some exercise this week some walking and, on Saturday, a lengthy hike.

As Jenny said, at least I am not putting on any weight and I still get gasps and wows from people who haven’t seen me recently – even from people who saw me only a month ago so I know something is working!

I had very few food transgressions away from the Dukan Diet this week. I have noticed, though, that I am having a glass of wine or a glass of ouzo a little more frequently. This seems to have ‘slipped itself in’ to my evenings. I am now making a conscious effort to avoid alcohol. I feel that its good to give the old liver a good rest after years of bashing it with beer & wine anyway and there is really no need to be drinking every night.

I guess more exercise and no booze will both help the process along. I am toying with adding a couple of extra P days this week. Today I am on a P day and I may do another one tomorrow and then do a PV day on Thursday and do 2 P days after that. Just to get the thing jump-started again. Whether I have the will to do it is another matter as I really enjoy the Dukan Diet PV days 🙂

I put a recipe (well not really a recipe, more an ‘idea’) on the main Dukan Diet page of this site. dukan diet I eat a lot of these spicy tuna wraps and they are good for P days as well as PV days. You can read it here: Dukan Diet Recipe – Spicy Tuna Wrap

Here are some photos of the boys & I making our way down from the village of Anidri, through the gorge and along the coat track back to town last Saturday. This was the bigger hike of the week (not that far but, hey!).

dukan diet anidri gorgedukan diet anidri gorge 2dukan diet anidri gorge 3

So, call back in here or add the rss feed from this blog to find out how I get on this week on the Dukan Diet.

Until then,

Stay happy & healthy and bravo all of you who are trucking along with the Dukan Diet yourselves, how about writing a comment or two about your progress?

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Duka Diet Plan – Week 8

Dukan Diet Plan – Progress Week 8

This week, on 22nd. November,  I weighed 94kg. That’s 0.5 (1lb) less than last week

Just to remind you of my Dukan Diet goals:

I started at 108 kg back at the end of September. The Dukan diet calculator sets my ideal weight at 82.5 kg. Having researched my ideal weight according to my BMI, I discovered that I really need to be around 78kg. So my goal is to get below 80kg, just a couple of kilos or so less than the Dukan Diet Calculator advised.

Dukan Diet – Overview for the week.

I am a little disappointed by the small amount of weight lost this week. I had a resonable amount of exercise during the week.

Anidri chapel - dukan diet walk Especially on Saturday when the family and I decided to walk up to a mountain top chapel in a nearby village. Although not a really long walk, it was uphill all the way (and downhill all the way back of course). It was a PP day and I discovered that the Dukan Diet is perfect for simple picnics. Some boiled eggs, a couple of slices of low fat ham and a low fat fruit yoghurt were just right sitting at the top of the hill, with our backs against the side of the chapel, enjoying the sunshine and the view.

dukan diet walk anidri chapel

View from the chapel to the beach below

On Sunday, we had arranged to meet a friend for lunch. Someone who we hadn’t seen for a couple of years. We met at a cafe which serves nice food. He had pre-ordered some dishes for the table so we had no say in what came. Fortunately for me there was one salad which was not pre-dressed and contained no cheese which I could pick at. I did have a glass of white wine, though.

So, having been relatively good with the Dukan diet this week, let me spell out my transgressions. I did have a glass of wine on more than one occasion. No more than one, but it happened on most PV days. I did not get the required amount of walking in, even though I did more than the previous week. I was using 2% fat yoghurt all week rather than 0%. This is due to the fact that sometimes 0% has sold out so I get a kilo tub of 2% instead (they do not stock 0% in the larger tubs.). I am using probably more olive oil when frying the Dukan diet gallettes than  I should, but that is the price to pay for a perfect result rather than just sticking on to the pan.

Ho hum…. at least I lost some weight and didn’t just stagnate. I get annoyed as i am impatient to get to my goal and want to get there as quickly as possible.

Lets see what progress I make next week. Pop back to find out how my Dukan Diet week 9 will turn out.

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Dukan Diet Plan – Week 7

On Monday 15th. November I weighed 94.5 kg.

That is a further 1 kilo less than last week, bringing the total weight lost since 27th. September to 13.5 kg. For those working in ‘old money’ that equates to 29.75 lbs.

I am concious that I am still not getting enough exercise. OK, the weather was being a bit poo this week, but there have been good days too and I shouldn’t have any excuses.

I do work at the computer a lot but need to do more walking in accordance with the diet. It’s interesting that the weight loss was greater last week with more exercise than this week. So even the light walking that Dr Dukan suggests makes a big difference.

My cousin just asked me how I feel. He hasn’t seen me in about 2 years and didn’t know i was on the diet. I have to report I am feeling great. really good. A lot better and lighter in step than before. Because the weight (and try lifting 30lbs of something) is a noticeable amount and it has gone in a relatively short period of time, I notice the difference.

I will put up a video  again soon.

Until then….

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Dukan Diet Plan Week 6

On Monday 8t November I weighed 95.5kg. That’s a loss of 1.25kg (2.8lbs) since last week and a total loss of 12.5 kg – that’s 27.5lbs – since the start of the diet! That is almost 2 stones.

So I am happy again that I managed to lose over a kilo after the disappointment of last week.

This week I tried to walk every day, even if it was just the length of the beach and back.

I had very few transgressions and i have found that I am only having a lunchtime ‘brunch’ type meal rather than adding breakfast in as well.

On Friday we decided to go and camp out for the night. We went down to a very secluded beach and, even after getting the car as near as we could, it was still a good 30 minute hike across mountain terrain.

When we arrived I took a heavy pack down to the beach, set up the tents and then returned up the mountain and back down again with some extra supplies. The next day, of course, I climbed the mountain again. So good exercise those two days.

The other thing I realised is that catering for the Dukan Diet whilst camping out is easy.


It is not so easy to cook elaborate food when you are travelling light. It has to be more basic so the likes of grilled chicken souvlaki or simple grilled fish (if you can catch any) is ideal. We took some chicken breasts with us on day 1 which were frozen. They defrosted and were ready to cook on day 2 lunchtime. A little bit of marinade and a hot barbecue and we were in heaven.

Although I realise that I fall short on exercise, I am feeling so much fitter than I was 5 weeks ago. I seem to have more energy and just feel better. It is hard to describe as I didn’t feel bad before.

I occasionally get hungry. I know that you can eat as much of the allowed foods as you wish but, partly because i get wrapped up in my work,  partly because I am conscious of not wanting to eat too much and also partly because I worry about the expense of piling pricey meats onto my plate. This is where I get annoyed with the diet. As I said before, when I get hungry I have to eat. There are few things I can just pick up & eat with the diet – which probably says a lot about me being unprepared. So, I am hungry, getting tetchy and…I have to start cooking. Bah!

But when I step on the scales like I did this morning, or when I put on some trousers which I haven’t fitted into for at least 5 or 6 years like I did this afternoon, the small annoyances fade into insignificance.

PS. my big transgression this week was planned. As soon as I had pitched camp and dashed up and back down the mountain, I relaxed with a cold (ish) beer. my first beer for 7 weeks!

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The Dukan Diet Plan Week 5

Hi everyone!

On Monday, 1st. November, my weight was 96.75kg. So I have only lost 0.75kg in the last week. my total weight loss since starting is 11.25kg (almost 25 lbs)

OK, I must say I was a little disappointed in the small weight loss this week. I have had no transgressions on the food front and, although I have not been able to walk every day, my exercise level was higher.

I had a couple of P (protein only) days where I became slightly annoyed with the diet. On one occasion, I had not eaten anything and had become very hungry as the day wore on and was then frustrated that I had to cook something rather than just making myself a quick sandwich or grabbing a piece of fruit.

Similarly, on another day, Jenny had cooked something for her & the kids and I had to start over cooking my food afterwards. On occasions like these I get a little angry with being on the diet. Not anywhere near angry enough to just eat a sandwich or anything. Just frustrated that there are very few convenience options on a P day!

Another lesson learned here is to plan ahead. I have to make sure that there are foods I can eat in abundance in the fridge and freezer. Rather than buying one or two items of this sort, i am now carrying more stock of things.

So I cheered myself up by reading how much different my diet will be when I get down to my chosen weight and can move into the next phase.

On a positive note, more and more people are commenting that I look slimmer and better. Even people who do not know about my diet. This gives me massive encouragement.

Two pairs of trousers I bought back in February now are way too big for me and I have to really tighten the belt for them to stay up. I haven’t delved into the hopeful section of the wardrobe again for a week or so. I am saving this joy for a rainy day. I was looking also at a video I made, for Week 2 of the diet and I was shocked at my appearance. This was only 3 weeks ago & my face looks totally different now. Not anywhere near so puffy and flabby.

Maybe for next time I will have my first before & after shots just using frame captures from the videos!

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Dukan Diet Plan Week 4

Hi all,

Sorry for this being late…almost a full week late in fact. It was my last week at the restaurant last week so things were hectic then and since I have had loads of things get in the way of getting up to date with online stuff – this blog included – power cuts, internet down for a complete day, you name it!

Anyway, as you saw from the brief post I put up the other day, things are still going really well on the Dukan diet. I lost a further 1.5 kilos over the week. This is in spite of the fact that a mixture of bad weather and exhaustion from other activities meant that I did not get any walking done at all!. Sorry, Dr. Dukan, but I just didn’t get an opportunity to fit it in. I was rather busy at work on a few of those days so I was not lying on a couch watching TV at all. That is one thing…apart from when I am in front of the computer I do tend to be rather active. I am looking forward to the current rotten weather to break so I can go on some more serious hikes with the family.

I have been a very good Dukan Diet boy notwithstanding the lack of walking. I have been adhering to the P and PV days properly and drinking loads of water. I had my daily dose of oatbran, Oh, that makes it sound like some unpleasant medicine – it’s not at all unpleasant. I have not been very adventurous with it so far, just making the Dukan Gallettes and, once or twice, mixing it into some 0% fat (or 2% if the store has no 0% which has happened once) Greek yogurt which is really nice as a snack.

I made a beef chilli without beans this week. Instead we added carrots, courgettes, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. Man it was good. Hot and good. This is a dish I would normally have eaten with loads of rice or a stack of tortillas. I had, this time, a side salad with the low oil balsamic dressing. Delicious. I used white balsamic vinegar this time…extra nice.

I am fitting into some more items in the hopeful section of the wardrobe (see previous posts/videos) and, sadly, some much loved clothes are a bit big on me now. Ah well, I will just have to move the belt up a few notches.

All positive stuff. More & more people are noticing that I am getting to somewhere near human mass. Its very encouraging.

More in the next few days…I may make another short video as well. Look out for that!

Post comments, ask questions, join in and social bookmark if you want. Also, follow the blog on facebook and intereact there as well

Bye for now!

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Hey everyone…..

Sorry i did not get time to post a full weekly report today for week 4 on the dukan diet plan. I will do so tomorrow.

My weight this morning was 97.5 kg That’s a loss of 1.5 Kg (about 3 lbs) from last week and brings my total loss from the start of the diet to 10.5 kg (just over 23 lbs).

I will give a brief run-through about my failings and successes in a post tomorrow.

See you then!

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