Dukan Diet Plan Week 3

Well, This morning – Monday 18th October I weigh 99kg
I made it into double figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a total of 9kg – thats a shade under 20lbs in my first 3 weeks.

OK, the loss has been less this week – just 1.75 kilos – but its put me into double figures and I can see my goals moving closer.

This week, my eating has been about the same as last week. While I am working at the restaurant my daily programme is mostly fixed. I have been skipping breakfast some mornings or just having a couple of spoons of yoghurt with the oatbran mixed in. This is because I have been getting up later and only eating when I am hungry.

By the way…I am going to start calling protein only days P days and the protein and veg days PV days.

One PV day turned out to be a P day. I didn’t have time to make the salad I had promised myself after eating a protein only lunch.

Due to awful weather, my exercise has been very little this week. I have been working hard at the restaurant for 8+ hours every day as well as being active all morning…but I haven’t done the walking every day. Maybe this is why my loss is reduced this week.

I suddenly realised that I can make nice sauces for my meat this week. I made a delicious tomato, peppers and chili sauce (which I naughtily threw a few whole black olives in) and baked my chicken breast in that. I ate it with broccoli rather than pasta which I would have normally chosen.

Not a great photo, but you get the idea. Forgive the old plate! 🙂

I don’t normally photograph food, but it occurred to me, just before I ate it, that it would be nice for people who are considering going on the Dukan Diet to see the sort of thing they could be eating. In fact, if you were hungry, add another chicken breast to this. There is no limit.

My transgressions have been very few. Like before, I do sometimes have a small glass or two of ouzo and I even had half a glass of white wine but apart from that I have not been taking any alcohol.

Last week of summer work this week. We will see if I maintain my weight loss and it will be interesting to see how it affects the diet when the whole rhythm of my life changes as we go into the winter.

Until next time…


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Dukan Diet Week 3 Video

Here is a short video explaining how I am living with the Dukan Diet

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The Dukan Diet Week 2

Day 15 Monday 11th October

Today I weigh 100.75kg So my first week of cruise phase has seen me shed another 2.75 kg

Here is a potted history of the week without getting too boring:

Each day I started  with what has become my usual breakfast. Two or three slices of low fat ham, one or two boiled (or poached) eggs and a slice of rather disgusting low fat cheese. This is a bit of a cheat really as its 5% fat and a bit too high. But its my little luxury (albeit disgusting) which, for me, completes my continental breakfast.

I have decided to try and stick to this protein breakfast even on the vegetable days (maybe with the addition of half a sliced tomato) as I see no need or desire for salad or vegetables at this time of day.

Lunches have mostly been grilled chicken. Boring, I know but I like it. Either as a bashed out breast with lemon & oregano or as a souvlaki or cooled and sliced in a salad.

Since Thursday I have been making the Dukan galletes with oatbran. Fantastic! Love em!. One day for lunch I made some Dukan fake herb mayo, mixed it with tuna and a squeeze of lemon juice, then stuffed it inside a warm gallete. Yum. Will do this again on a vegetable day and throw in some lettice, tomatoes, peppers and chili and I have like an oatbran tuna burrito!

Greek Tzatziki is a great addition to the diet. Make it with 0% fat Greek yoghurt, grated cucumber (squeezed of excess juice), a couple of cloves of smashed garlic and a pinch of salt and a dribble of wine vinegar. Leave out the customary glug of olive oil and it tastes almost real!

Dinner has been mostly snacks of either roast chicken with an egg or roast chicken with salad and beetroot according to the type of day. Sometimes I have made a huge tuna salad with Dukan vinaigrette and a boiled egg.

I went to a restaurant for a meal out this week. I made sure it was a vegetable day and I had a delicious chicken Souvlaki cooked over charcoal with a Greek salad (with no feta and no oil – I made my own dressing in a spare wine glass). Success. 100% OK with this diet (apart from the glass of white wine I drank) and, boy, I was full afterwards!

OK…transgressions this week. A glass of ouzo on Wednesday and a shot or two of ouzo last night. Thats all!. I will post a video when I get my new microphone working to explain a bit more about why I am not making the huge transgressions people maybe expected of me.

I have been getting intermittent walking done. About every other day I walk for about 50 minutes. I will be able to step this up more after the job finishes and my time is more my own.

I have to get ready for work now….

Watch out for that video in the next day or so!

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Dukan Diet Plan Update – Oatbran

Woooooooo! I got oatbran at last.

A good friend has posted me some from the UK and is on it’s way. Some friends of friends here brought some in their holiday suitcases for me. So I am off to experiment with these oatbran pancakes!

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My Dukan Diet Plan Week 1

Day 2 Tuesday 28th Sept.

So following on from the last post…. I had my grilled chicken for lunch and I made some fake Dukan Mayo to go with it. Basically a crushed up boiled egg, some 0% Greek yoghurt and some Dijon mustard mixed together. It was quite nice actually!

I also realised that forward planning is essential. I am actually a good cook. My wife & I ran a successful restaurant for 9 years which we closed last year. I now work for another restaurant in the town. So off I trotted to work yesterday without a thought of getting hungry later. So there I was, surrounded by totally delicious food, very little of which I can eat according to the Attack Phase rules. Agggggh! I finished up eating half of a chicken breast, first having removed the skin and then having swilled it under the tap for fear of consuming any oil! Boy I was hungry by the time I got home and finished the day having a midnight feast of 2 slices of ham and an egg! Today, I will take some low fat ham and a couple of pre-boiled eggs with me. I have learned a lesson. Be prepared!

I have been drinking (and passing) loads of water and Coke Light and haven’t missed having a beer yet.

But here’s the best news of all….This morning the scales showed 106 kg. So It looks like I lost 2 kg (4lb) in the one day. I double & triple checked the scales to make sure they were OK. I placed them in the same spot on the floor as yesterday and still the same result. I find it unbeleivable and I am sure it will slow down and even off over the next few days. Out of interest, I am weighing myself every day at the same time, after I have consumed one or two coffees and after visiting the toilet.

So today I had a 3 egg omelette with strips of low-fat ham & onion for breakfast. I had one and a half tandoori chicken breasts for lunch with raiita made with 0% yoghurt. During the afternoon and evening, while at work, I staved off any hunger pangs by eating a boiled egg when I needed to. I ate two in the course of the evening.

I did 40 minutes of walking which is taking the kids to school and back.

Day 3 Wed. 29th. Sept.

Today I weigh 105 kg 1kg (2lbs) less than yesterday. Total lost so far: 3 kg (6.6 lbs)

I am feeling OK on this diet so far. I get a little snappy if I get hungry and I have been feeling hungry a bit. partly it’s because meat and poultry here is expensive (a chicken breast costs about €1,80 each – thats well over $2,40) so I would hold back from guzzling 2 or 3 of these in one meal. What I am missing is the bulk. The pasta, bread,vegetables which add volume to a meal. I am not 100% comfortable mentally with eating a pile of expensive meat. So I am looking forward to the cruise phase where I can enjoy, at least half of the time, some vegetables and salad.

So today I started with an omelette again and had a grilled chicken breast for lunch. Later at work, I skinned and washed a small peice of chicken and had that with a boiled egg. Later on I had the last tandoori chicken breast from the other day sciced cold with 0% raiita.

I didnt get my walk this morning, but I was very active at work, so hopefully that will not be too much of an issue

Day 4 Thursday 30th. Sept

Today I weigh 104kg 1kg less than yesterday

Today I had a day off. i started with a plate of scrambled eggs with ham. For lunch I had a couple of 0% flavoured yougurts and, for dinner (yes a proper sit-down dinner tonight!) I made some beef patties with chilli, cumin, onion and garlic. This was tricky as, normally i would flour and fry them. I ended up using a ridged grill pan but had to oil i and the patties lightly so they wouldnt stick. Sorry but it had to be done. I used the best olive oil but, hey, its probably cheating. I had them with 2 poached eggs and 0% garlic yoghurt

I went to the beach today but did not really get much execise. Just 10 minutes of walking. I also was naughty as i had a glass of Ouzo at the beach bar as the sun was setting. It was such a perfect evening, I couldnt help myself.

Oh, and I now fit into a nice Tshirt my wife bought for me last year which was always a little too tight to wear. 🙂

Day 5 Friday 1st October

Today I still weigh 104kg. Disappointment – lack of excersise, an ouzo and a teaspoon of oil I guess.

This is my last day of attack so I must make it count!

So I got some walking done this morning. Then I had waht has become my usual breakfast of choice. Boiled eggs and ham. I found some sliced cheese which is 5%. I know that it’s too much, but I am going to add 1 slice to my breakfast just because I miss cheese a lot. For lunch I had a grilled chicken breast and later a couple of flavoured 1% fat yoghurts.

If my diet is sounding a little monotonous its really for reasons beyong my control. Firstly I live quite a busy life at this time of year balancing kids, online businesses and a job. This means that there is not always time to think about preparing nice meals like the recipe suggestions in the Dukan Diet book. This will be easier from the end of this month when the summer work finishes. Secondly, I am not that keen on fish. Thirdly, I am living in a small town on the southernmost edge of Europe. The nearest city is 2 hours away over the mountains. Therefore I can’t get many of the products that people in the civilised world enjoy; fromage fraise, quark (I thought he was in Star Trek), onecal oil spray (?) are all things that do not exist here. Even Oat Bran is unavailable (I just learned today that a friend in the UK has posted me some).

Anyway, with a light snack in the evening I was back on track with no transgressions.

Day 6 Saturday 2nd October -The first day of Cruise phase!

Today I weight 103.5 kg. So the transgression free day yesterday did a little good. I lost another half kilo (1lb).

Today is CRUISE DAY #1! That means salad & vegetables. I have been waiting for this.

I started with my usual breakfast – but added a slice of tomato….how cool is that!

Lunch was grilled chicken with a tomato salad made with a dribble of the low fat dressing from the Dukan Diet book. Works really well. So I took a tin of tuna, a boiled egg and some dressing to work and made a salad with lettuce, onions, peppers, cucumber & tomatoes, dressed it and plonked the tuna on top and the quartered eggs around the outside. Looked and tasted fabulous after a 5 day attack phase!

I walked into town to get the shopping with one of my 8 year old twin sons. It turned into a powerwalk as, on our way home laden with heavy bags, a restaurateaur friend spotted us and beckoned my son over. He insisted that my son choose two ice creams from his fridge, one for him and one for his brother. So kind of him…  but we were still 10 minutes walk away from home in hot sun! So we had to motor along as fast as possible rather than the normal amble.

Day 7 Sunday 3rd. October

Today I weigh 103.5 kg. So, no change from yesterday. a little disappointing, but also I’m glad I didn’t add some weight.

Today I am back amongst the proteins. A usual breakfast as detailed in the last few days with a grilled chicken breast for lunch and, later, at work I ate one peice of chicken which I skinned and washed and 2 boiled eggs.

I had much to do online this morning and looking after the kids, then straight to work in the afternoon so I didn’t get a walk today. In 3 weeks time the summer job will end and i will have far more time to devote to walking every day.

I heard that i am getting a supply of oatbran from two sources! Some holidaymakers are bringing some with them when they fly out here on Tuesday and a friend in the UK has posted some too. That will be great!

Day 8 Monday 4th. October

Today I weigh……103.5kg which kind of pissed be off a bit as I had been so good yesterday. Apart from the walk I did not have a single transgression. Then I worked hard for 8 and a half hours so i must have used some calories up there!. Ah, well.

I am going to start to weigh myself every week rather than every day. My scales are old-style analogue so they do not show small differences in weight so easily as digital ones. Also I am getting a bit dispirited with this plateau I have hit and hope to see some progress over the longer period.

We will see. I will make a progress post again next week. In the meantime, watch out for posts on here and the main site regarding observations and recipes I come across as I go!

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Dukan Diet Plan Blog Update

I plan to post each week with a summary of the week, my eating habits, what is happening to me, my feelings and – of course – my weight loss progress. So expect to see a post next Monday.

One thing Ifeel I must tell you, though, as I can hardly beleive it myself and I am dying to tell someone…I am 2kg (4lb) lighter this morning than I was at this time yesterday. How cool is that?

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My Dukan Diet Plan – Lets get started!

Well, I started! My weight this morning was 108 kg (237.6 lbs). I always assumed I was about 100kg or just under. Maybe thats a memory from when I last got on the scale.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket and bought a load or protein. I don’t know why I seem to have this hoarding mentality but I guess I am afraid of being in the house and there being nothing permissable to eat!

Two setbacks. One is that the nice microphone didnt arrive in time to record the video and the second is a more serious one. It seems that the concept of Oat Bran has not reached Crete, where I live. I checked everywhere in the town I live and a friend trawled the supermarkets in the nearest big city. Nothing!. So I have asked a friend in the UK to send me some. Hopefully, it won’t take too long and also hopefully it won’t affect the diet too much.

My breakfast was 3 slices of low-fat ham with 2 boiled eggs and a small spoon of 0% fat Greek youghurt. I will have a grilled chicken breast after I finish this post.

For those interested, here are some before pictures at and around 108 kg. These were taken last February.

Thats me in the middle

gawd! look at the size of me here!

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Dukan Diet Plan – Personal Blog

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